Hello and welcome to Semper Flexibilis!  My name’s Morgan and I will be your tour guide on this wild ride!

This picture currently describes my blissfully domestic life.

I never imagined that picture would ever describe me, but life has a funny way of throwing you in a totally different direction.

I was the self proclaimed single gal of my friends who was more interested in getting a good job and moving up the proverbial corporate ladder than getting married and having babies.  Actually if you speak to any of my friends from back in the day they will tell you about my fear of children and birthing. As I have learned quite frequently over the last four years you can NEVER say never….cause it usually turns in the opposite direction.

After completing my Masters of Library Science and moving to the big city with my eyes on the price of working for the Smithsonian…I instead met and fell in love with my Marine and in a blink of an eye I was whisked off to the middle of the desert to cook, clean, entertain, and figure out the ins and out of the military way of life.

In my blog I cover everything from my daily adventure of trying to cook a different meal every night, trying to grow plants in the middle of the high desert and my musings of politics, books, movies, and day to day life out here.

Well that’s it for now….hope you enjoy!