Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard to Semper Flexibilis!  Many of you not attached to the Marine Corps are probably wondering what the heck that means.  It means always flexible, which is a play on the Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis (meaning always faithful).  This is the motto on my hubby’s battalion coin and also refers to the Marine Corps wives’ unofficial motto Semper Gumby.  Marine Corps wives have the inside joke of always having to be super flexible because we don’t know when or where the Marine Corps will send us next.  You have to be prepared for anything.

Now just a couple of years ago this would have freaked me out.  I liked to be in control of my destiny and know everything that was going to happen.  Thankfully God had mostly gotten me out of that control freak attitude before I met my loving husband…and God has been working to rid me of it ever sense.  Now I don’t take life’s uncertainly laying down…I usually work off of about five contingency plans on a daily basis.  This way I can’t be so caught off guard I have a melt down.  Of course this theory is constantly being tested.  After two years I really didn’t think I could be more caught off guard by the Marine Corps than I was a couple months ago.  Because of the government’s insane budget crisis my hubby got extended at our current location…therefore turning all of our future plans into a tailspin.  While it has taken me some serious soul searching and prayers to get over my disappointment…I do realize that God has a plan for us in staying out here even if I don’t completely understand it yet.  I am waiting for the sign of that and I know I will be waiting for awhile.  But, that’s ok.  This is just another way for me to learn patience and understand I actually have no control of my life.  I have learned that being a Marine wife is not for the faint of heart.

Over the last two years I have had first hand knowledge of the shared sacrifices that members of the military and their families (who only make up 1% of the United States population) are making during our time of war.  I want people to have a better understanding of how we are dealing with our situations, why it is important to continue to support our troops and why they believe in the job they are doing over there.  With everything that is said by the media I believe people have a skewed understanding of just what it means for our guys to be over there.

With saying that hopefully I can answer questions about our lives and also give a different perspective of the wonderful experiences I have had being associated with this lifestyle.

I decided to start this blog to have a creative outlet to try to get my writing juices flowing again.  After several years out of film school it has been hard to continue my motivation for writing.  My dear friend and writing partner Josh has tried to keep me focused on finishing my screenplay, but it has been hard with my lack of writing motivation.  I am hoping that this will help bring back my motivation for writing, be a creative outlet for my cooking and crafting projects, give me a place to express myself about today’s media (so I don’t bore my poor husband to tears at dinner about it), and hopefully keep family and friends up to date on our lives out in the desert.

Well signing off now to begin the ritual of starting dinner!!

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2 Responses to Welcome Aboard!

  1. Cari Pearson says:

    Hello sister! I’m so glad you are starting a blog! I hope it will bring up some interesting topics and help us bond more. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ashley says:

    I totally understand needing an outlet!!! I feel the same way with Justin sometimes. He’s so nice and smiles and nods like a good man, but I can sure see the “Is she going to stop any time soon?” look deep in his eyes sometimes when I really get going, haha.
    I’m totally stoked about your blog and hope you can offer some insight when my sis and I get ours launched.
    By the way, I’m totally craving pizza now.

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